Phygital Bodies in Speculative Landscapes


For the last 4 months, the artists of the current residency have had a chance to learn from and work with the mentor and digital artist Anan Fries who took a lead and let the artists dive into the world of phygitality, techno spirituality and biodiverse thinking. An intense lecturing was combined with the peer meetings with those digital practitioners who boost the online culture, such as digital creator and educator Alexander Mrohs, founder of the 8XR platform Mark Korshakov and digital curator of Ioginality Anna Bouali.

A result of this lab is 6 artistic digital works and environments that were created by the DA5 fellows Hugo Avigo (Paris), Sasha Kochetkova (Paris), Ksenia Markelova (Ekaterinburg), Nanda Raemansky (Eede), Alfiya Shamsutdinova (Kazan), Jeanne Tullen (Geneva). Showcasing their works contributes to changing the isolating policy that surrounds digital as artistic medium. The starting point for the works – and the residency in general – is body. Its performativity, its fluctuations in different environments, its senses and sensuality as well as its ability to speak. The artists play and wonder – what happens to a body once it enters the world beneath its reach?

  • Can it still live out known practices and myths (Sasha Kochetkova “Styx”)?
  • Can we trust its touch (Ksenia Markelova “The Empathetic Trial”) and sight (Hugo Avigo) especially when we enter online the places that look to us familiar like parking slots and elevators?
  • Is there a way to feel the collectivity in distance once you realise the singularity of your own motions (Alfiya Shamsutdinova, “Dance Game”)?
  • Can the bodily feeling of a space be disrupted once the space turns to be a speculative game (Nanda Raemansky)?
  • And can the features, the representation of beloved bodies stay the same no matter context (Jeanne Tullen)?


The digital world we invite you to enter triggers to think about the silences, spiritual expressions, distortions and omissions that emerge once we talk about our (digital) bodies. Let us be and transform – the broadcast starts from 5 pm CET, February 15.

Address: Perevedenodskiy pereulok 18, online

Phygital Bodies in Speculative LandscapesDigital AiR is a virtual residency programme for artists that merges in-depth discussion and education through digital medium. Residency aims to empower and educate those seeking to learn more about virtual art and start working in WEB3 and the metaverse. Digital AiR is best suited for those with scarce digital experience but interested in exploring digital as a medium, acquire new knowledge of a rapidly developing ecosystem, and gain hands-on experience of creating art on a metaverse platform.