The Boundaries of the Invisible

Tseh Otdelki Hall

It seems that the modern urban environment is the result of the work of human hands. A man builds a house, drying up the river flowing nearby, cultivates the forest growing within the city, paves asphalt, turning the territory around him into a space of anthropogenic factor. But does it alone form the face of the city?

The project "Boundaries of the Invisible" invites you to take the first step towards understanding the ecosystem complexity of the urban territory, as well as the cyclical nature of all natural systems. It summarises the three-month laboratory "Invisible Natural Cycles in the City" created by CTI Fabrika and Moscow Circular. As part of the educational and curatorial programme, five female artists from different Russian cities listened to lectures, met with experts and together discussed the themes of biodiversity and the invisibility of natural processes in large cities.

During the lab, the artists created projects that reflected aspects of the coexistence of the human and the natural in urban space, as well as the boundaries of our interaction. How can tiny organisms and creatures manifest themselves in an industrial, man-made environment? How do insects become visible in the city? What is the difference between a lush designer flowerbed and a natural patch of grass? How do humans imagine and experience biological processes, and how synchronised are they with the environment?

In the exhibition at the CCI Fabrika, the artists will create a micro-environment that allows us to slow down and scrutinise the diversity of urban structures and its 'inhabitants'. Addressing the world that lasts beyond the individual is a way to combat urban anxiety and disconnectedness. Through the exhibition and laboratory, the participants endeavour to give voice to the invisible other that shares the human habitat and influences it imperceptibly.

Artists: Valeria Amirkhanyan (Krasnoyarsk), Katerina Verba (Novorossiysk), Anna Komarova (Moscow / Ekaterinburg), Sofya Sapozhnikova (Moscow), Elena Sokolova (St. Petersburg).

Lab curators: Kristina Pestova (CTI Fabrika), Lena Shelyagina (Moscow Circular).


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The Boundaries of the Invisible