"Single Play No. 1" exhibition by Veronika Aktanova


Opening of the exhibiton on April 22 at 19.00

On April 22, the Center for Creative Industries "Fabrika" will open an exhibition of Veronika Aktanova "Single Play No. 1".

Single Play No. 1 - will be the first Single-work of the future exhibition "Solo Impossible".

SP No. 1 is an interaction of light, art work by Veronika Aktanova and a musical track created by Alexander Kudryashov (composer, director, artist, creator and artistic director of the Theater Company) based on the well-known composition proposed by the artist.

"For me, in a sense, this is a continuation of the theme of a torn drawing, a disassembled system, on which I worked in the Broken Pattern project. I could handle cardboard alone, but not with metal. I will not tear metal into pieces alone.

Today we work with metal, not with cardboard. With hard, strong, resistant material. This job requires a team and tools. I believe that now it is impossible to engage in productive creativity alone. We need a community and a common plan for all this creativity.

I invite colleagues to participate. I will wait for proposals on the theme for the exhibitions Single Play No. 2, Single Play No. 3 and so on. As a result of our common work, in the "future" a group exhibition "Solo is impossible" will be held, and the tracks will be included in the album of the same name. Get in touch!"

Veronika Aktanova, author of the project


Illustration: stills from S. Eisenstein's film "Devil's Nest"

Даты работы: April 23 - May 1, 2022

Veronika Aktanova is an artist, a graduate of the BAZA Institute. Creates painting, installations and cinema.