Open, close, repeat

Olivier Hall


"Open, close, repeat" - that phrase sounds like an instruction. Or like a call.

But if the indefinite form of the verbs is replaced by the past tense, the phrase turns into a story. A real story that happened to the artists participating in the exhibition. The exhibition, for which they had been preparing for a long time, was closed the day after the opening. And then it came as a complete surprise to them. The feeling when you are interrupted right in the middle of a sentence and you want to finish it or repeat it from the beginning to finally complete the thought and be sure that now it is understood by the interlocutor.

The exhibition "Open, Close, Repeat" is not a repetition of that closed exhibition, but a repetition of the attempt to exhibit, to open, to speak out! The exhibition will feature both updated versions of works from the last exhibition and brand new works. The exhibition will feature over 30 works, including: graphics, objects, installations, photographs, as well as audio installations.

"We want the phrase in the title of the exhibition to remain a disposable infinitive, without transformation into the future perfect tense, and not to turn into an endless cycle in the end!"

Artists: Anastasia Samsonova, Anna Komarova, Anna Makarova, Anna Minaeva, Anya Grositskaya, Gürgen Arutyunyan, Daria Antsiferova, Daria Borisova, Daria Vesnicheva, Diana Mazokina, Evgenia Tulyankina, Ekaterina Shafir, Elena Sharganova, Zhenya Nikolaeva, Katerina Teplica, Katya Zhilina, Kirill Klokov, Kristina Pavlova, Maxim Grachev NewYanYan Art Group, Margarita Guschenets, Marina Goryacheva, Flamm Marion (Marina Guseva), Alena Pak, Nadezhda Prades, Nadia Petrova, Natalia Fedorova, Natasha Ivanova, Oleg Zhirov, Olga Mikhalchuk, Olya Pegova, Polina Savina, Sasha Wright, Svetlana Bogacheva, Sergey Aksyutenko, Tatiana Elizarova, Yulia Abzaltdinova, Yulia Pastukhova, ARKADI ARKADI ARKADI.

Exhibition curator: Eldar Ganeyev

Даты работы: 13 October - 5 November 2023

Open, close, repeat