Mosaic Texture: Exhibition of the Favoka Mosaic School

Tsekh Otdelki

Opening of the exhibition on June 24 at 19:00

This project is designed to reveal the possibilities of modern mosaics, to show new styles using traditional materials. The exhibition presents a panorama of creative stylistic trends in mosaics. The task of the artists was to use the materials familiar to us from classical antique mosaics, to get away from the traditional performance, to find new visual images and forms. So, the artists of the studio show a new mosaic, which primarily affects the intuitive, emotional perception of a person, gives an understanding of the amazing harmony of each piece in the overall picture of the mosaic.


The exhibition presents the works of the entire Favoka studio team: Karina Favoka, Yana Kalyuzhnaya, Christina Schmidt, Anna Prokofieva, Daria Balekova, Anastasia Dubinkina.

Free admission


Даты работы: June 25 - August 22, 2021

Mosaic Texture: Exhibition of the Favoka Mosaic SchoolFavoka is a Moscow Mosaic School that teaches mosaic craft, makes mosaics to order, as well as creative and educational projects to unlock the creative potential and popularize mosaic art.