Digital AIR: going live

Tsekh Otdelki

Opening of the exhibition on February 18 at 19.00

In recent years, global digitalization has burst into all areas of everyday life at breakneck speed. Immersion in virtual reality has ceased to be the privilege of gamers. Digital and VR technologies are increasingly being used in a variety of fields that seem to be far from the field of computer science. The process of spreading networking and communication diversity can no longer be stopped. The social network (Social Web), especially in the form of virtual worlds, opens up new spaces for the user and new opportunities for expanding one's own identity. Physical presence is no longer an exclusion criterion for participation in social processes, and being in the metaverse allows the user to experience sensory stimulation at all levels of perception: visual, vestibular, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic.

The art project "Digital AIR: going live" is a response to the activation of digital systems, in which accessibility, not presence, determines digital liveness/digital life. "Digital AIR: going live" explores the intersection and interaction of analog and digital/virtual realities: How machines read human-written texts available on the Internet and convert them into synthetic speech (machine tongue); What path do audio and video materials go through in the process of digital processing and appear in the virtual space as a “fingerprint” of a real person (Anna ADC); what is the interactive potential of digital objects (Irrlicht (ghostlight)); How digital groups appear and change, representing an autonomous collective mind (Follow the fisch!); Who or what will determine the possibility of control in an artificially created world (Times - 1); How material objects are transformed in virtual reality (Tiger 14, Gebanne: AIR, Architalk, YOU ARE HEARD II); What is the progressive potential of the digital transformation of the classical music genre (Circle).

The project "Digital AIR: going live", curated by Lana Novikova and Franka Walser and implemented with the artistic and technical support of Alexander Mros, will be presented in the virtual space, in the exhibition halls of the Edel Extra gallery in Nuremberg and on the territory of the Center for Creative Industries (CTI) Factory in Moscow. The project will open simultaneously at all three venues: February 18, 2022 at 19:00 (Berlin time). The link to the virtual part of the project will be active from the moment the project is opened. With the help of virtual reality glasses, viewers will be able to immerse themselves in an interactive experience that connects the real and the virtual.


The link to the virtual room:

Image: Elizabeth Thallauer
Edel Extra gallery website:

Даты работы: February 18 - March 18, 2022

Digital AIR: going liveThe Edel Extra Gallery is an exhibition space in Nuremberg. The gallery is located on the site of a former bakery that operated in Nuremberg a century ago. Edel Extra hosts exhibitions of contemporary artists, film screenings, public discussions with art historians and other events. Artwork on the image: Monique S. Desto