On September 7, the Fabrika Centre for Creative Industries presents Veronika Aktanova's solo exhibition "Set Designs".

At the exhibition the artist will show the scenery in which the cartoon film "Piece of Meat" is filmed

(about the main character of the film - Piece of Meat).

Veronika Aktanova's exhibition will be the first in a series of personal exhibition projects of the winning artists of the Factory Workshops programme - IX session. During the upcoming exhibition season CTI "Fabrika" will present the exhibitions of: Dmitry Kavka, Oli Makhno, Dmitry Kadintsev, Polina Arutyunova.

Veronika Aktanova's project "Decorations" consists of two blocks: the first is a drawn comic book, the second is animation.

The first block of work was made in 2019 and will be exhibited at the Zverev Centre for Contemporary Art in 2022. At the exhibition, the audience, having learnt the hero's story, could make their suggestions in writing about further events in his life.

All suggestions were processed, accepted and now it is time for the second block. The second block is the work on the cartoon, which is currently taking place.

The already written story in comics is being converted into a cartoon format. But that's not the end of it. Ahead of the project, apparently, a long and happy life.

Artist Veronika Aktanova about the exhibition "Decoration":

"This is a story about a Piece of Meat that lives and lives because it doesn't know what else to do. Piece of Meat faces difficulties. There is a lot of sadness in his life, but not much joy either. After the Piece of Meat has

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