Car wash: exhibition by Dmitry Sarkisov

Tsekh Otdelki

Opening of the exhibition on September 8 at 19.00

The Center for Creative Industries "Fabrika" opens the exhibition of Dmitry Sarkisov "Car wash". The exhibition will feature a series of short videos of the artist.

Historian, social theorist and art critic Ilya Budraitskis about the project:

“The exhibition of Dmitry Sarkisov “Car wash” is a desperate manifesto of escape from the logic of the machine that absorbs individual human existences. The modern world, having lost any purpose, turns into an endless carousel of means, the ultimate purpose of which eludes any rational understanding. A series of short videos by Sarkisov, as it were, seeks to keep in our perception the moments of the work of an irrational, post-humanistic whole. This stop is necessary in order to remind everyone of the ever-remaining possibility of an outcome. This outcome, however, does not mean a detached distance or an attempt to evade responsibility, but, on the contrary, actualizes a person as a source of any circumstances and gives hope that someday we will have the strength to regain control over them.

Даты работы: September 8 – 11, 2022

Car wash: exhibition by Dmitry SarkisovDmitry Sarkisov is an artist. Born in Tbilisi in 1983. Graduated from the art school named after Hakob Kojoyan (Yerevan) in 1998, VVIA named after. professor Zhukovsky (Moscow) in 2005, ISI named after Bakshtein (Moscow) in 2020. Lives and works in Moscow and Yerevan.