Work! May! Grow Up!

Art Residence

The project of two artists Vasilisa Lebedeva and Anna Tararova began at the CCI Fabrika residence. For a month in the space of the art residence, they will germinate their art project "Grounding" and invite everyone to share with them labor-meditation with seedlings. And from May 17 to May 21, the artists will present the results in the format of the exhibition “Work! May! Grow up!"

The idea for the project came about as an attempt to experience inner trauma through an art form.

Personal family tragedies turned out to be almost synchronous. Both artists lost their mothers during the pandemic about six months ago. These events became the point of intersection of the practices of Vasilisa and Anna and the general feeling of fear and depression in spring. The goal of the project was to act - to sow the seeds of life and art, the practice of "Grounding" as a fight against difficult feelings for yourself and everyone. Artists believe that by symbolically turning to the roots (and their mothers were fond of agriculture), they can heal themselves and those around them through simple monotonous actions of working with the earth and plants and let life be.

As part of the opening of the exhibition on May 17 - 21, the artists plan to present a land art object, graphic works, assemblages, performances, a seedling distribution campaign, as well as the practice of grounding and self-support from Tanya Volkova.

The residency and subsequent exhibition will be the first part of a great story about germination, which will last all summer, and will end in autumn with a harvest festival with fruits and flowers harvested from seeded seedlings. If the seeds are sown and the seedlings germinate...

Dates: May 17 - 21, 2022
Address: Perevedenodskiy pereulok 18, Art Residence

Work! May! Grow Up!