SAMI: conference of self-organizations

Tsekh Otdelki

Art group"pobegi" invites you to the conference of self-organizations "SAMI", which will be held from May 10 to 15 at several independent venues in Moscow.

We believe that today it is important to unite and share experience - to create a decentralized network of people in solidarity with each other. To do this, we invited various self-organizations to participate: large and small, with and without spaces, which have appeared quite recently and, on the contrary, have already managed to gain experience.

The conference program consists of round tables, artist talks, pitching, speed dating, job fairs, a market, as well as musical and performing parts. The big end of the conference will unite all participants in the space of the CCI "Fabrika". Within its framework, the largest discussions and events will take place.

We will talk about building relationships within self-organizations, ethics and principles, ways of communicating with institutions and the state, payback and other current topics. At the conference, you can find like-minded people, get support for your projects, and discuss important issues.

Without the participation of the state and without a lot of funding from outside, we can do a lot - on our own.


"SAMI" - a conference of self-organizations from the artistic association "pobegi".

Conference events at Fabrika:

May 14 - The end of the SAMI conference, part 1
All self-organizing participants will come together on one platform to get to know each other and share experiences!

14:00 - Summing up the results of the conference and announcement of events on May 14 and 15.
14:30 - lecture by Alexander Zhuravlev "Art and self-organization without identity".
16:00 — round table "Organization of self-organizations: where do they start from, who do they not depend on and why do they exist?". Moderator - Alexander Zhuravlev.

Gallery 22
Electric plant
YRA! (Young Russian Artists)

19:30 - speeddating for self-organizations and all visitors and visitors of the conference.
20:30 - plastic performance by independent dancers. (iya mironova, sojjo, karina guseva, anya belych, tish, katrina, anna)

May 15 - The end of the SAMI conference, part 2

13:00 - Pitching for winners and winners of the open call - 8 ultra-short speeches and subsequent discussions.
14:30 — performance "Peacemaking" from perf-purf~parf.
There will be pampering and physicality, careful interaction and (in) accurate execution. Join this world or become a spectator - it's up to you.
15:30 — round table “Ethics of relations between self-organizations, the state, institutions and commercial companies. Payback of self-organizations, grassroots mechanisms of the economy”.

art Boloto
Pomidor Residence
Electric plant
Art makes sense

18:00 - the first announcement of the fifth, anniversary forest exhibition "shoots" (yes-yes!!!)
21:00 - performance from the plastic troupe "Roma F.

Self-organizations will also present their stands.

Dates: May 14 - 15, 2022
Address: Perevedenodskiy pereulok 18, Tsekh Otdelki

SAMI: conference of self-organizations