Open call for Digital Residency 2024

"Digital AiR" is an online residency created by the Fabrika Centre for Creative Industries in 2021 in collaboration with the research group APXIV.

DA was a response to the global digitalisation in the field of culture and art, as well as an attempt to develop new artistic forms and practices for the presentation of contemporary art. In the process of creating the virtual residency, the curators digitised three exhibition halls of the Fabrika Centre and formed a new ecosystem at the intersection of digital and material art, where artists from different countries work.

At the moment, the fifth season of the programme has already started. In total, more than 45 artists from 12 countries have participated in the residency.


The theme of Season 5: The Phygital Bodies in a Speculative Landscape

Digital AIR invites artists to apply for the new season of the programme, the theme of which is Phygital Bodies in Speculative Landscapes. The programme's mentors for the new project will be performative and digital artist Anan Free (they/them).

Anan Free invite online residency participants to look at digital and virtual art with a cyber/xeno/techno-feminist perspective: "Together with the artists we plan to materialise new materialisms, look at posthumanist and inter-species relationships, explore the technosphere (Donna Haraway), wander through media-culture-nature (Rosie Braidotti) and immerse ourselves in glitch (Russell Heritage)," describe the Anan residency programme.

Dates: dealine September 24th, 11:59 pm
Address: Perevedenodskiy pereulok 18,

Open call for Digital Residency 2024