OPEN CALL: Gifts for Friends


The PiranesiLAB Printed Graphics Workshop, the ArtTube Editions gallery and the online platform open an open call for artists, inviting them to participate in the New Year's Eve project "Gifts for Friends".

"Gifts for Friends" is a project that includes an online store and an offline exhibition and sale of circulation postcards created by contemporary Russian artists. In addition, it is planned to hold a sale-auction at the opening of the exhibition. We hope that we will be able to combine in one story and introduce both masters and already honored authors, as well as very young artists who so need the attention of the viewer and recognition.

It is important for us that the result is an extensive collection from which everyone can choose a real valuable gift for friends to their taste - a gift that can help express their attitude towards those to whom it is intended. In this gift, people will be able to convey, along with the meanings laid down by the artist, their feelings, warmth, smile and hope for the best.

"At Christmas everyone is a little wise," right?

The terms of participation:
All authors can take part in the project, regardless of age, education and artistic preferences.
Circulations of postcards can be published both at the expense of the organizers and by the artists themselves.

The sketches that have passed the first stage of selection, after being finalized and adapted for printing, will be printed in the Piranesi LAB workshop using the silkscreen method in an edition of 30 copies + 5AP.

The author receives 5 copyright copies, which he can dispose of at his own discretion. The author undertakes to sign the printed copies and grant the rights to sell them.

All other postcards are put up for sale on the website and at the exhibition-sale, which will open in the Olivier Hall of the CCI FABRIKA on December 16, 2022.

We want postcards to be available to the widest possible range of buyers, so the work of all authors will be sold at a single fixed price.

Funds from the sale of postcards at the exhibition will be distributed between artists and organizers in the proportion of 70:30.
Part of the proceeds, upon agreement of all participants, will be directed to the charitable purposes of the Lifestyle Foundation.

Within the framework of the project, a grant is allocated from the SPHERE Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Art for the implementation of the author's postcards selected in the project. 18 works will be printed with silkscreen in 5 colors.

Applications will be accepted until October 30 inclusive. Feedback will be provided within 7 days after the application deadline.


The procedure for accepting works:
Stage 1: digital selection
It is necessary to fill out the form by 10/30/22 using the link: or send a digital image/sketch or photo of the original postcard to

Postcard format 200x300mm
Image format - not less than 120x180mm / not more than 180x280mm.
The sketch should take into account the features of silkscreen printing in 1 or 2 colors.
Possible color options are black, gold/black, silver.
You can offer your own printed edition.
Quantity - 30 copies.
The prints must be numbered and signed.
Printing techniques: letterpress / engraving, planography / lithography, gravure / etching, screen printing / silkscreen / risography.
Silver photography and alternative photographic techniques. That is, all options are accepted, except for digital printing and giclee.
Paper — any density> 220g/m.
Paper format - 200x300mm.
Image format - no less than 120x180 / no more than 180x280mm.

Postcards should have margins, so leave room for your signature and signature.

Stage 2:
For postcard designs selected for printing, we need originals, color separations, or finalized images. They can be sent by mail separately or brought to the workshop. In this case, we will definitely contact you.

Printing - silk screen printing in 2 colors
Option 1 - black, gold.
Option 2 - black, silver.

Postcards specially prepared under the terms of the SPHERE foundation grant:
Printing - silk screen printing in 5 colors
black, silver, magenta, blue, yellow
When preparing sketches, keep in mind that screen printing involves the use of solid fills and lines, all halftone elements will be printed as a raster.


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OPEN CALL: Gifts for Friends