New Year's Black Market: Gifts for Friends


The festival will take place on December 24, 12PM — 9PM

Ad Marginem, Fabrika and Piranesi LAB invite you to the "New Year's Black Market: Gifts for Friends".

The main program of the festival will take place in the large hall of Fabrika — Olivie, whose name itself is associated with the New Year and festive mood. And if you delve into history, before this name was proudly worn by the largest machine of the Paper Factory.

The New Year's Black Market is, on the one hand, a celebration of the Bauman communities, an opportunity to buy gifts and chat with local residents in an informal setting, and on the other, an act of social creativity and environmental conservation. In November, a sad incident happened on the territory of Fabrika: the laboratory of experimental printing "Piranesi LAB" * was badly damaged by a fire and the archive of artists' works, materials, printing presses were almost destroyed. Despite the damage, now the founder of the workshop, the artist Aleksey Veselovsky, is rebuilding the workshop with the help of volunteers, and this work requires a lot of effort and resources.

Therefore, the New Year's Black Market: Gifts for Friends was proposed by the organizers, first of all, as a prompt manifestation of mutual assistance in the art community: participants will be able to contribute to the charity fundraising for the restoration of the fire-damaged Piranesi LAB.


Festival program

The festival includes an exhibition of postcards, a print market, an art-book fair, used books, vinyl, mulled wine, coffee, a music program, gifts, Christmas trees, a children's program, fur coats & hats & mittens, a personal exhibition of Marina Fomenko and exhibitions of the Bomba gallery.

Participants: Print Market / Piranesi LAB / Ball and Cross / Bomba Gallery

The Piranesi LAB printing workshop, the ArtTube Editions gallery and the online platform are summing up the results of the competition for artists as part of the New Year's Eve project "Gifts for Friends", organized with the support of the LITO workshop and Community.print. The project, which includes an online store, continues with an offline exhibition — the sale of circulation postcards created by contemporary Russian artists: postcards can be bought on the website and in the Olivier hall of the CTI Factory on December 24 during the market.

The preview of the exhibition "Gifts for Friends" will be held on December 23, from 18.00 to 20.00 — those who wish will be able to see the exposition on the eve of the opening of the festival.

The Ball and Cross Community, which became famous during the pandemic as a place of mutual assistance between artists and collectors, will show a New Year's selection of works by contemporary artists at the festival. Gallery "Bomba" will present a market for circulation graphics of participants and friends of the site.


Book market

An important part of the festival is the book trade, within which a market of independent publishers and bookstores will be organized. This time there will be even more art books and catalogs, as well as a large area of secondhand literature.

The book fair will be attended by Ad Marginem, No Kidding Press, New Literary Review, Jupiter books, the film studies artel and Film Art, the Subscription Editions and Book in the Club stores, Chto Delat? second-hand booksellers. , Tsiolkovsky, Paragraph and Cheap cherry books, as well as the zone of ABCdesign, MMOMA, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and just design catalogs. For children, the Marshak bookstore, Samokat and A+A publishing houses have planned a pre-New Year sale. In addition, "A + A" will prepare special New Year's sets and arrange a "Gift Wrapping Workshop", where artists and designers will turn purchases into works of art.

Vinyl market, music and children's programs

Vinyl is an object of conscious consumption and an opportunity to touch the physical, hold the music in your hands, and listen to it. This is similar to records with books.

The following will perform at the festival: the duet Evgeny Sanchillo, Irina Epifanova will perform a small concert “I am Antarctica”, the records will be put on by dj Yazykov, Stas Modnik and others. The sounds will be illuminated by the Roman Krylov Museum of Soviet Light Music, which will provide several installations from its collection for the festival.

"To Enter and To Permit" group at 14.00 will hold a master class "Colorful walks along Bakuninskaya" for children of all ages and their parents and use paper, scissors, pencils and glue to create a real holiday. As part of the master class, children will carve according to models invented by avant-garde artists, build a city street, light lanterns on it and invent stories.


Plant zone

An important component of the Black Market is the zone of plants and environmental initiatives. At the festival, it will be possible to participate in workshops on creating New Year decorations, as well as purchase eco-friendly New Year coniferous plants.

Plants from the nursery and hydrolytes of own production will be presented by Daria Artyomova, consultant, horticultural producer at LIQUID THEATER.


Exhibitions and cinema

The Olivie Hall will host exhibition: “12 months: Ad Marginem and A+A 2022 covers”. Marina Fomenko’s personal exhibition “Between Heaven and Earth” will be open in the “Arthaus” hall of Fabrika, and a special video program and exhibition by Natalia Timofeeva “Untitled: Perevedenovsky, 18” will be held all day in the Bomba Gallery. For children, a specially selected program will be shown by the Big Cartoon Festival. There will also be a screening of a documentary comedy by Irina Kolisnichenko about the gallery "Coat".



The vintage corner at the festival will be presented by Mosvintazh. Here you will be able to please yourself with Soviet Christmas decorations, badges, the famous Leningrad porcelain and vintage decorations of the 20th century from Europe and the USA. In addition to this, it will be possible to purchase vintage clothes from the USA "Second Chance".

The art project of healthy propaganda of vintage fashion and individual style Nadenka Vintage will organize a charity attraction of vintage clothes: wild fur coats and combinations, pantaloons and suspenders, clothes for every day (for a change) collections of Christmas tree decorations “Emptiness” and “There are nuances” and of course “gifts for friends".

The Begimod brand will present fur products, which are especially important in winter time; PRIMM — scarves and knitted hats; LIQUID THEATER artist and stage designer Elizaveta Dzutseva — handmade natural soap and cosmetics and stained glass decorations in the Tiffany technique. And at the market, you can also choose clothes, accessories and gifts from the Barking store (and at the same time help the private animal shelter 50pets).

Letterpress postcards, engravings and posters from the Letterpress Printing Workshop "Suvorov and Co".

New Year's souvenirs will be shown at the fair by the Favoka Mosaic Studio: there will be mosaic bunnies and cats created from old ceramics (an eco-product — processing of unnecessary dishes), glass Christmas decorations with dried flowers from the author's collection, as well as mosaic and stained glass brooches and pendants. Animations will be presented by the authors: Nastya Mukhametzyanova will show ceramic works and stickers, Yulia Krivosheina — paintings, postcards, frames from the cartoon and handmade sets "A gift for your inner child", Anya Belova — T-shirts with original hand-quilted collages.


New Year's treats: Red Star Coffee Roasters coffee bar, Cherny Cooperative with home-roasted coffee, mulled wine bar from Elegance Catering, Cosmic Company's own soft drinks with a cosmic taste under the Space brand, PIROGI cafeteria, as well as muffins and packages for gifts.


The festival program and all updates will be published here:


Dates: December 24, 12PM — 9PM
Address: Perevedenodskiy pereulok 18, Olivie

New Year's Black Market: Gifts for FriendsPiranesi LAB has always been a center of attraction for a huge number of artists and an important professional platform for everyone who is connected to graphic and print art. The laboratory presented etching machines, a crucible press for letterpress printing, equipment for silk-screen printing, manual binding and much more. Every year, within the framework of the Factory Workshops program, Piranesi LAB provided a special grant, by winning which the artist could create works using all the unique resources of the workshop. Among the main partners and clients of the workshop are the most reputable galleries and art fairs in Russia.