Artist-talk with artist Andrey Mitenev


On October 16, CCI "Fabrika" invites you to a meeting with the artist Andrey Mitenev, whose exhibition "God is love" is currently taking place in the "Arthaus" hall.

In 2017, the artist Andrei Mitenev, a participant in many exhibitions, a vibrant Moscow sculptor, was arrested for illegal possession of drugs and spent a total of two years and seven months in prison.

The exhibition presents works created by the artist during his stay in the pre-trial detention center "Matrosskaya Tishina" and the colony. This is a series of works about detention, portraits of prisoners and their statements about what freedom is, the artist's dreams painted on sheets - a traditional prison material, since another is not available in custody, as well as an exhibition version of the book of the same name "God is love" - these are 228 pictures with comments that describe the life and customs, conflicts, rituals and routine of prisoners and employees of the penitentiary system. This largest series can be called the central one. And, since any technical fixation of reality in pre-trial detention centers, prisons and colonies is prohibited, thanks to these drawings, this part of the invisible life of a large part of Russia becomes available to the viewer. The presentation of the book edition is expected closer to the end of the exhibition.

During the artist-talk, it will be possible to find out how work on drawings began in the pre-trial detention center in conditions when almost any artistic tools were prohibited there, why the already drawn pictures were constantly confiscated from the artist, why the characters in the portraits are green and orange, what is depicted in the works from series “Dreams” and how the centaur characters appeared, how they managed to take the works from the pre-trial detention center and the colony, what was the most difficult thing for the artist in prison, and much more.

On the cover - a drawing by Andrey Mitenev from the Just in Hell series.

Photographer: Tanya Sushenkova

Dates: October 16, 16.00
Address: Perevedenodskiy pereulok 18, Arthaus

Artist-talk with artist Andrey Mitenev