Yumiko Ono

Art Residence

Yumiko Ono is a Japanese artist. The theme that the artist explores is utopia, an ideal world that exists in the imagination:

"Recently, I've been working a lot with graphics and porcelain, so I focus on surface and material features in both of these practices. In my drawings, I collect images that show the surface of various things, and then fill in the drawing with imaginary to create a fictional architecture, consisting only of a surface.I believe that the process of art casting is a kind of middle ground between 2D and 3D, since a flat surface naturally becomes three-dimensional when the surface is molded.Using this method, I try to create works in which lines, surfaces and the roughness of materials becomes the depth in which the fragility and ambiguity of Utopia are reflected.


Grants Awarded

• Russian Government Scholarship (2015-2018)
• Asahi Shimbun Foundation(2012)
• Israeli Government Scholarship (2010-2011)
• CzechGovernment Scholarship (2008-2010)
• Japanese Government Young Artists Oversea Program (2007-2008)
• Hungarian Government Scholarship(2005-2007)


• “International Creative Laboratory Bashnya” at Yelabuga State
Historical Architectural and Art Museum Preservation, Yelabuga,
• “Artists’ house” at BankART1929, Yokohama, JP(2018)
• “Taehwa River Eco Art Festival”, Ulsan, KR (2015)
• “Kyoto Sento Art Festival ”,Kyoto, JP (2014)
• “Domani”, National Art Center, Tokyo, JP(2013)
• “Optima Forma”,Gallery Emilla Filly, Usti nad Labem, CZ(2011)
• “Finally Together”, Gallery Emilla Filly, Usti nad Labem, CZ, (2011)
• “Topophilia” at the Work Detroit Gallery, Detroit, USA(2011)


Selected Solo / Group Shows

• “Frigile things” at Osnova Gallery, Moscow, RU(2018)
• “the artists of the year 2018” at Gallery 301,Kobe, JP(2018)
• “CAF award nalists’ show”at Hillside Forum, Tokyo, JP(2018)
• “Open Studios” at MASS MoCA, Massachusetts, USA(2018)
• “International Creative Laboratory Bashnya” at Yelabuga State Historical, Architectural and Art Museum Preservation, Yelabuga, RU(2018)
• “Artists’ house” at BankART1929, Yokohama, JP(2018)
• “grids*” at Gallery301 due, Kobe, JP (2018)
• “UNSTATED” at Coburn Projects, New York, USA (2018)
• “Always First Demolition” at Despersed Holdings, New York, USA (2018)
• “Collaboration” at Gallery Tunnel, Moscow, RU (2017)
• International Festival “Space of FIre”, “Glass and Ceramics in landscape”, Elagin island, Saint Petersburg, RU (2017)
• “Spring 2017” at Exhibition Center of St. Petersburg Union of Artists, Saint Petersburg, RU (2017)
• “Paper Empire*” at 2,04 Gallery, Saint Petersburg, RU (2016)
• “Taehwa River Eco Art Festival”, Ulsan, South Korea (2015)
• “Paradice Reopening” at Paradise, Incheong, South Korea (2015)
• “May Fly II”at Alternative Space Loop, South Korea (2015)
• “International Gyeonggi Ansan Art Fair”Ansan, South Korea (2015)
• “Transition” at Gallery Y, Minsk, Belarus (2014)
• “Kyoto Sento Art Festival ”,Kyoto, JP (2014)
• “Landscape*” at Gallery 301, Kobe, JP(2014)
• “Stone Skipping*” at Entrance Gallery, Prague, CZ (2014)
• “Sen *” at Honen-in Temple, Kyoto, JP(2012)
• “Muslim Call*” at Gallery ve Sklepě, Prague, CZ(2012)
• “Topophilia” at the Work Detroit Gallery, Detroit, USA(2011)
• “Visitors” at the Meetfactory, Prague, CZ (2011)
• “Return*” at Gallery Fleur, Kyoto, JP (2011)
• “Utopia on the Brink of an Abyss” at National Gallery in Prague, CZ (2011)
• International Art Sympozium“Elements Cuisine”Galanta, SK (2011)
• “Artists for ArtMap” at the Nova Scena ND, Prague, CZ (2011)
• Pecha Kucha night “Inspire Japan” at Tabacka Kulturfabrik, Košice,SK(2011)
• “Home *” at Gallery Cube, Prague, CZ, Tabacka Kulturfabrik, Košice, SK (2010)
• “Hányásban állsz!”at Bakelít Multi Art Center, Budapest, HU
• “Body Limits” at Gallery NTK, Prague, CZ (2010)
• “Garden* ” at the Gallery 207, Prague, CZ (2010)
• “zoom in” at Gallery VŠUP, Prague, CZ (2009)
• “frames* ” at Gallery BAZARA club, Kobe, JP(2008)
• “tower* ” at Eizo Studio 1928, Kyoto, JP (2008)
• “sleep*” at the At Home Gallery, Šamorín, SK (2008)
• “3 animations* ” at the Eizo Studio1928, Kyoto, JP (2008)
• “Yumiko Ono exhibition*” Fríz Terem, Budapest, HU(2007)

Yumiko OnoYumiko Ono (1982) is an artist based in the US and Japan. From 2016 to 2018 she studied at the Master's program in ceramics at the Stieglitz Academy in St. Petersburg. She also completed her Master's degree in Intermedia at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in 2010.