building 1, floor 1

Complete freedom of the artist in the process of creating the project, a wide range of expressions possible in the exhibition hall, the unconditional primacy of content over form, industrial-working style, combined with an equal approach to all projects - these are the principles we implement in the Olivie exhibition space. The variety of exhibition projects carried out can be considered a practical embodiment of these principles: the hall is an invariable platform for the projects of the Young Art International Biennale, the Festival of Private Collections of Contemporary Art, etc.

Since its opening in 2006, it has hosted exhibitions by Valery Koshlyakov, leading representatives of Moscow conceptualism, master classes and site-specific installations by Lisa Schmitz and Moscow Architectural Institute students, exhibitions of Russian artists living in Europe, most of the performances Liquid Theater, international conferences of cultural centers located on industrial sites and many other projects.

The area of ​​the space is 512 square meters.

Ceiling height - 6.6m (to the ceiling).

Hall layout