Dis-placed Landscapes

Olivier Hall

November 15, the Center for Creative Industries "Fabrika" presents a special project of the International Video Art Festival Now&After prepared by Taiwanese artists and curators. The project "Dis-placed Landscapes" was created within collaboration of the International Video Art Festival Now&After and the Waley Art Center for Contemporary Art in Taipei, Taiwan.

The exhibition "Dis-placed Landscapes" brings together works of eight Taiwanese video artists and art groups developed on the topics of human beings, natural ecology and the environment. The exhibition aims to emphasize the “displacement” of the “landscape” seen from someone’s eyes. “Landscapes” serves as a metaphor for the “changing scenes” of environment and ecology, reflecting the views of the artists and how it embodies the posture of the viewers.

Artists: Tuan Mu, Transformation of Things; Tsai Pou-Ching, Reverberations at Altitude 2000; Engineering of Volcano Detonating (Hsu Po-Yen, Lu Chun-Cha, Lu Guan-Hong, Liang Ting-Yu), The History of Yen; Mark Wang, Microbe-Mate; Wang Shao-Gang, One Stroke; Chang Nai Ren, The Lost; Lu Chih Kai, On the Roof; Yan-Xiang Lin, Copy Island.

Curator of the exhibition: Huang Yi Hsuan

Project director: Peng Tsai-Hsun

Now&After director & curator: Marina Fomenko



Dates: 15 Nov - 10 Dec 2023
Address: Perevedenodskiy pereulok 18, Olivier Hall

Dis-placed Landscapes