Digital AIR 2022: Life-Size Model


Online project presentation* on April 26 at 19:00

* The link will appear on the Digital AiR website on April 26 at 19:00

Digital AIR 2022. Life-Size Model: space / architecture / common ground in the time of uncertainty

Artists: Ruth Baettig (Basel), Vladislav Dovgopyaty (Moscow), Polina Enuvesta (Cyprus), Lynn Kouassi (Basel), Sonata Rayymkulova (Bishkek).

On April 26, the Digital AiR platform will host a presentation of the online project "Life-Size Model". Five artists from around the world will show their immersive VR experiments, text works and video graphics based on the results of the Digital AIR – virtual residency.

Last year, Fabrika announced the open-call for artists to participate in the programme of Digital AIR. The invited participants were from Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Switzerland. For five months, they got acquainted with the process of working on the 8XR virtual platform, worked with the project team and with each other to create a discursive platform and community built on mutual respect and interest in the digital practices of contemporary art. The result of the work was the digital contributions of the artists – each one is located in a separate virtual room of Fabrika.

In 2022, the Digital AiR program turned to the concept of common ground – a meeting place which was to be created by all participants during online meetings, zoom sessions and workshops. The Digital AIR residency allowed us not only to invite artists from different countries (and backgrounds) who were curious about the experience of creating digital art, but also to reflect on the format itself: what kind of mobility of artists are we talking about today? How can we reflect our own presence in the online meetings of the residency and what kind of community do we create in a digital format?

On April 26, the residing artists of DA — Ruth Baettig (Basel), Vladislav Dovgopyaty (Moscow), Polina Enuvesta (Cyprus), Lynn Kouassi (Basel), Sonata Raiymkulova (Bishkek) — will present their works, which reflected the main topics of residency discussions:

  • what is virtual space and how can we reflect and work with digitized architectural monuments,
  • how virtual physicality works,
  • how “analogue” artists can work with virtuality,
  • how we create a common space with each other / common ground, what it is and what it is for us.

Public program:

May 10, 2023 at 19:30 – Online tour with project artists

May 19, 2023 at 19:00 – Open panel “Life-size model: online residences and the artists who travel within them"

Artists: Ruth Baettig (Basel), Vladislav Dovgopyaty (Moscow), Polina Enuvesta (Cyprus), Lynn Kouassi (Basel), Sonata Rayymkulova (Bishkek).

Curator: Christina Pestova (Moscow / Greifswald)

Guest curator: Maria Styablina (Paris)

Technical curator: Alexander Mroz (Nuremberg)

Team 8XR: Mark Korshakov (London), Slava Sabinin (London)



Supported by The Swiss Cultural Council "Pro Helvetia" 

Dates: April 26, 2023 – ongoing
Address: Perevedenodskiy pereulok 18, online

Digital AIR 2022: Life-Size ModelDigital AiR (DA) is a virtual residency which aims at promoting intercultural communication and creating new ways of exchange between digital and physical art on the premises of WEB 3. We give the participating artists knowledge and access to a meta platform to experience, create, and mint immersive pieces of art.